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Happy Valentie’s/Galentine’s Day everyone!!

I reminded Tom a few weeks ago that Valentine’s day was today and he turned to me and said; hang on, I know I’ve booked something for that day. There’s me thinking; the romantic guy he is, had booked something amazing for us.. he came back into the room with his diary, turned to me and said: yep… that’s when the gas man is coming and I’ve got a dentist appointment as well (!!!)

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Hello FAB-ruary!

So we finally made it to the second month of 2018! January seemed to go on for bloody ages! …that being said, I think I was one of the only people that really enjoyed January. I started off the year hangover in Paris with my boyfriend after celebrating NYE there, so I didn’t really hit the ground running with 2018. However, I feel like it was perfect for me having a few days to chill out without any ‘New Year, New Me’ pressure, because as soon as the holiday over, I switched to kick-ass mode and felt fully motivated to set (and stick to) my January goals.

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Well hi & welcome to my first post! I thought I would use this as a good opportunity to 1 –  try and get used to this new website… and 2 – (and primarily) to introduce myself a little. I’m a spectacularly normal girl in her 20’s who’s decided to write random sh*t (it’ll be good sh*t, I promise) on the internet! I’m going to write about all things lifestyle. The good…and the bad bits in life because believe me, we all get them! But just as a little insight into me: I love delving into the worlds of beauty and fashion, I am utterly obsessed with my pet bunny rabbit, so no doubt he’ll be making an appearance or two. I have recently moved in with the other half and I’m loooving the whole interior design aspect of that. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I have a shopping addiction, so at least I can justify that by posting a haul (…or four thousand!) I love to travel and will do my utmost to get away as often as I can… but lastly I love to write, and I miss it, which is mostly why I’ve decided to start this blog!

I hope a few of you at least will stick around to see what I’ll be up to in the near future. Happy 2018!