Since living in Denmark, I’ve been a tiny bit obsessed with everything Scandinavian. I went to stay with my gal Stephanie who lives near Aarhus last year and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Søstrene Grene!

The company “Green Sisters” which opened stores in Denmark in the 70s is the epitome of cosiness & calm! Their shops are homes to some of the most random things you never knew you needed. As I’m going back to visit Stephanie again this year, I was already looking forward to popping back into the local store in her town… but I won’t need to now as we now have one of the shops in our town! I may have done a little squeal when I saw the shop (and may have done another one when I saw how inexpensive the stuff was!!)

  1. Glass jewellery box – £8.57
  2. Duck egg stoneware bowl – £2.64
  3. Duck egg stoneware plate – £3.76
  4. Wooden spatula – £1.39
  5. Gel eye mask – £2.89
  6. Greetings cards – 50p

See?! sooo cheap! I would like to take this moment to welcome the company to the UK and into my heart (ha) but seriously.. the stuff is such good quality, it’s like an upscale Tiger (sorry Tiger, I love you really) and I can’t wait to eat my dinner on those plates, put my jewellery in my new glass box and finish my next night shift so I can use my new eye mask!


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