Hi friends! If you’re anything like me, the only thing that annoys me more about nail polish than chipped nails, is having to sit and do nothing for hours (ok, that’s an exaggeration) waiting for them to dry so they don’t smudge. Sooo.. because I can’t justify going to get my nails done on a bi-monthly basis (also, that entails sitting doing nothing as well and I just can’t do that) I’ve managed to get round it a different way!

These are some of my favourite diy false nails and nail polishes, that don’t smudge or chip and looks sooo profesh!

Chanel – Le Vernis in 641 Tenderly

Chanel – Le Vernis in 307 Orange Fizz

Barry M in Diamond glitter

Barry M – Speedy in Pit Stop

Barry M – Gelly in Almond

Barry M – Gelly in Black Cherry

Barry M – Gelly in Pink Lemonade

Barry M – Sunset in Dark Side of the Shroom

(and the mother of all polishes…)

Barry M – Sunset Topcoat

These falsies are the best I’ve ever tried and they’re… wait for it only £1 per pack(!!!) from everyone’s fave store Primark. I prefer the Pointed & Squarletto shapes for myself, but they have hundreds to choose from. The shades I’ve got currently are cloud, cashmere and insta queen. I absolutely love these falsies. I’m that indecisive person who wants long nails one day, then the next day want my short nails back, so these are perfect for me! The glue that comes with them is strong enough to last at least a week, buuuut if you want to claw them off it doesn’t hurt that bad (hahaha) but seriously, if you’re happy to use a stronger glue they last just as long as they would had you got them done at a salon.

But when I’m just painting my nails, the best best best nail polish is the Sunset Topcoat!!! Its dries almost immediately and gives your nails the look that you’ve fresh from the salon. Barry M suggests that it’s only used on top of other sunset nail polishes, but it works just as well on top of any other make of polish.

If you have any other suggestions of polishes you think are ‘nailing it – let me know!

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