Piece of cake!

Bake the world’s easiest (& tastiest) Birthday cake!

I LOVE baking…

However, I don’t think this cake even counts as baking! It’s my friend’s birthday next week, and I wanted to bake her a cake, howeverrrrr I couldn’t be bothered with all the measuring blah blah blah… I just wanted to get on with the decorating and making the cake look beaut! And when I feel like this, I turn to my good old friend Betty Crocker who does all the hard work for me! Nevertheless, it’s a wonderfully tasty cake and takes a smidgen of skill so I’m going to give you a step by step guide.


To bake the cake – remember to preheat your oven to 180 degrees! 

1. All you need is:

Betty Crocker – Devil’s Food cake mix

8 tbsp of olive oil

3 medium free range eggs

230 ml of water

2.  Because using the box cake isn’t lazy enough… next you need to throw it all in a bowl and mix it all together until it’s all bound together and looking irresistibly chocolatey. I used my stand mixer, but it will bind just as well with a wooden spoon.

3. One you’ve buttered your cake tin, pour all the batter into the cake tin. To even it all out, pick the tin up and drop it from a very low height. Then shove it in the oven, and go watch some tv for approx 35 mins, or until your house smells like the chocolate factory.

4. LEAVE IT TO COOL! Don’t even think about trying to decorate it before it’s stone cold. Been there, done that! The chocolate just drips off and it looks totally messy!


To decorate the cake

1. All you need is:

Two boxes of milk chocolate fingers & two boxes of white chocolate fingers (these were from Aldi.. they’re not Cadbury but they taste just as good!)

Betty Crocker – Tempting chocolate icing. You could make your own chocolate icing, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

M&Ms – I used a variation of chocolate and peanut

A pretty ribbon. This finishes the cake off AND keeps all the fingers in place

2. Once the cake is cool, use a long sharp knife to cut the cake in half. Then, use a blunt knife to spread some of the icing in the middle and carefully place the top half back in place. You then need to spread chocolate icing all over the top of the cake and the edges. The best tool to use for this is the back edge of the knife, and don’t worry if it’s a bit messy, you won’t be able to see if by the end anyway!

3. Once the hard bit’s over, stick the fingers around the edge of the cake, alternating the colours (or you can just choose one flavour finger – or kit kats.) Then as soon as that’s done, tie your ribbon around the kit kats as tight as you can.

4. Here comes the easy bit.. let the M&Ms see the cake! Stick them on the top anyway you like. In my experience, it takes around 3 medium sized bags to fill the top of the cake.

THEN the last thing there is to do… ENJOY!


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