Make up bits I’m loving

Helloooo & a happy saturday to you all!

I wanted to do a post on my top five current make up bits and let you all know why I love ’em so much.


The first product is my go-to foundation at the moment: NARS sheer glow in shade Fiji. I love this foundation!

It’s the perfect consistency for my skin type (dry AND oily) and the perfect coverage. The coverage isn’t so heavy that it looks cakey but covers spots really well & helps your face look dewy as heck. Yes, this foundation is super expensive in my opinion (at £33 a pop) but I decided to treat myself last time I was in duty-free…and now whenever I go back to cheaper foundations, I can definitely tell the difference! I don’t usually wear foundation day to day, but if I’m doing something special then I’ll turn to this one! *note* it doesn’t come with a pump (I know, shit right?) but don’t be fooled and buy a pump from NARS. Get an unbranded one for way cheaper on eBay! I got mine for around £1.

gloss stick

This product is way cheaper and it had to be in my top 5 because of how shocked I am that I LOVE it. It’s the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick. I got this one in a Christmas gift set and didn’t really expect much from it – but I was rushing out of the house one day and wanted something quick to put on my lips, so picked this up on my way out of the door. I kept looking in the rear view mirror of my car once I’d thrown it on because I couldn’t believe how good it looked! ‘Gloss-stick’ is the perfect name for this product because it goes on like a lip balm and feels so soft on the lips, but looks so bloody glossy and glam! (and it’s not even sticky!) they are also available to buy individually and there’s a load of different colours to pick from..and sooo worth it at £3.50.


I actually feel bad including this in my faves, cause I bought it at TK Maxx a few weeks ago (FOR A MERE £4!!!) and it’s the best contour product I’ve ever tried. It’s the Lancome Teint Idole..

(I mean it’s good, but I wouldn’t splurge £27 on it, which is the RRP) however, I still think it’s amazing! It’s somehow matte and dewy at the same time and blends so freaking well! I could look like Wednesday Addams before putting this on and end up looking more like a bronzed…well still Wednesday Addams but after a holiday in Barbados. It’s such a fool proof product and I looove being able just throw products on (it’s a must with my short attention span) so given the fact that I found it for pennies, I think this contour stick was made for me! (and you never know, there might still be a few hanging around in your local TK Maxx)


This mascara…ooh la la! Now, I wouldn’t say it’s ‘better than sex’ but it’s not far off!!! (ha) I don’t normally spend a lot on a mascara, but I was shopping with my cousin one day and was feeling spendy so decided to treat myself. Ohhhhmmyhyygoshhhh it’s good. It makes your lashes look so full (and almost as lengthy as this post!) and I know it’s not that important but the packaging is sooo pretty and luxurious! A few days ago I was shopping in Debenhams and it was on sale for £16! so I had to get myself another one. I bought the waterproof one this time though, so I’ll update on whether it’s as good or not… fingers crossed!


I bought this morphe eyeshadow palette (25A Copper Spice) when the naked heat palette was released and all the rage. I couldn’t bring myself so spend that much money on something I put on my eyelids once in a blue moon! However I was headed to ibiza and wanted some warm toned shadows to take with me… this dupe is just the best! The pigment is crazy and you get so many more colours than the urban decay palette for just £25!! This palette is so amaze, it even stopped me from buying the newly released heat petite palette! Highly recommend!!

What are your top make up bits? (Tell me so I can go spend more money on more make-up I don’t need!)

all of them

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