Our weekend in Whinfell

“A weekend well spent brings a week of content” …if this is true then my week should be bloody brilliant! It’s Monday morning and I’m sat in bed with a coffee listening to Radio 2 (I’m old before my time, get over it)

My mum turned 50 this weekend and she wanted to celebrate it (the way we celebrate anything in our family) in Centre Parcs! It was such a lovely relaxed weekend. Saturday was filled with Birthday presents and cake, & I made a treasure hunt with little poems/clues to where my mum could find the gifts around the cabin.

My mum is quite difficult to buy for (sorry mum, if you’re reading this) so I did have a bit of a challenge on my hands thinking about what to get for her. But these are just a few of the things I got in case you’re in the same pickle:

Tom Ford perfume – Velvet Orchid

Leather watch from Fossil

Bath stuff from Lush & Sanctuary

Leather Converse

Her fave choccies from Lindtt (the amazing shop in Cheshire Oakes)

That evening we had dinner at the Cafe Rouge on site followed by (possibly a teeny tiny bit too much) champagne, and hours upon hours of the game Linkee. If you haven’t played it with family/friends… YOU NEED TO! It’s such a funny game, that everyone can play! Mum even ‘hates’ any board game, but loves Linkee! (& it’s a game you can’t cheat in as well) sorry mum… ha!


We were so lucky with the sunny weather over the weekend, which made the fresh walks around the park even nicer! Sunday morning started with some pancakes & milkshakes and a mooch around the ‘Village Centre’ in the sun. The plan was to then hit the amazing pool (they have outside rapids!) but I got a bad headache so had to give the swimming a miss and went for an afternoon nap instead.. however the rest of the family went swimming and had a blast!


It was such a lovely weekend and I think my mum now feels (a little) less like it’s the end of the world turning 50! I also drove my mum’s car up there and now I really really really want a BMW 1 Series… haha! So I’m going to see what I can do about that this week… watch this space!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have an even better week! xxx


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