Oh my Gucci!


I’ve lusted after the leather double G Gucci belt for ages – spending hours on Pinterest seeing all the different ways you can style the belt and planning future outfits around the belt if I was ever lucky enough to own one… and now I do! & I couldn’t be happier with it!

It was my birthday last month so when my parents and Tom asked what I wanted, I asked if they could go halves and make my gucci dreams come true – and boy did they deliver!!!

Yes, yes… this belt is crazy expensive if you ask me and I’m sure most of my friends would choke if I told them the price of this piece of leathery luxuryΒ BUT I did think long and hard about it for many months before going for it, and I definitely make the most of it.

My style is mostly monochrome and I pretty much just wear black, white or grey so my outfits are always pretty plain. Buuuut when I add the belt, it instantly makes the outfit look chic AF!

When Tom and I went to buy the belt, I actually got one that’s a bit too big for me! (I can blame the post birthday weight gain for that) But I’ve decided not to change it, I’m just going to get another hole put in the belt (professionally! & not with a kitchen knife as my friend Lizzi suggested. LOL) this way I can wear it with my high waist jeans (which I wear errrday) but also, when I become a middle aged woman and go back to low-rise jeans, I can also wear it on my hips.. which makes it more versatile!


Teeny tiny review: I haven’t owned the belt for that long so I don’t want to give you an in depth review yet… but so far – so good! As you would expect for the price, the leather feels very luxurious and really good quality and the buckle is so sturdy! In regards to versatility; I have only worn it with jeans so far, however I’ve already bought some summer dresses that I know will go perfectly with the belt. That’s one thing I love about the belt – it jazzes up any outfit, especially cheap and cheerful Primark summer dresses!

I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot more of my crotch area on here from now on… sorry.



If you want to have a look at buying your own Gucci belt, or just have a nose at how expensive they really are!! (please, don’t judge) click ‘ere: GUCCI BABY

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