My Social Media detox

I’ve heard of a few people doing it, either for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or as long as possible and I’ve thought about doing it for a while but always thought: ahhh, I’ll do it another day. But.. today is the day I go on a social media detox. I’ve been planning to do it for the last couple of days, reading up on different blogs about people’s experiences with social media detoxes – and to be honest, there wasn’t one person that said they regretted doing it.

I read up on what needed to be done… and I’ll be honest with you, when I read that I should log out of YouTube, I almost decided to forget all about it. Then, I toyed with the idea of keeping Pinterest and YouTube (y’know, just for something to scroll on) but then thought to myself; if I’m going to do this, then I need to do it cold turkey. So I logged out of Twitter, Snapchat,YouTube, Pinterest, & (much to my dismay) Instagram, (I deactivated my Facebook around a month ago and haven’t missed it so far – and it was one less for me to say goodbye to today) and I put my phone to one side.

I’m going to be posting on here about how I’m feeling and dealing without social media.

getting into bed on the first day of my detox, I put the side light on and opened my book (was feeling good at this point as I hadn’t yet thought about scrolling insta) then… as I was sat there reading, I heard an owl outside. It was loveliest thing!! To sit up in bed reading listening to an owl. My immediate thought was; I must tweet about this moment!

My second thought was; why?! It’s a lovely moment that I enjoyed, so why must I feel the need to then document that on Twitter? It’s not like anyone reading my tweet will also feel the lovely cosy feels I felt in that moment?

Not long into my detox, it was Tom’s birthday. Normally, like almost any other person in their 20’s, I would post a cringeworthy photo of him on his Facebook page and wish him a Happy Birthday, but this year, with my ban in place, it was clearly a no-go. And for some bizarre reason, I felt bad! I woke up with Tom on his birthday, spent the day with him on his birthday, made him birthday pancakes and even filled the kitchen with big helium balloons (to remind him how ooollddd he actually was) -so all that along with the love filled birthday card, I think he got the message; but I still felt like I should have proclaimed a cheesy birthday announcement on his Facebook wall. He wouldn’t care if I did or not & neither should I, but I suppose in this day and age, without even realising, we are putting so much of our lives out on the Internet, that when someone expects to see something (e.g a girlfriend wishing their boyfriend happy birthday) and they don’t see it, there’s the immediate thought that all is not right in their worlds. So I guess what I’m asking myself is; why in the hell should it matter whether I ‘publicly’ wished my boyfriend a happy birthday or not?! and the answer is…drumroll please…. IT DOESN’T! aha, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this!

Ok sooooo…. it’s been over a month since I wrote this post which goes to show much much less I used social media. It was difficult to start with, however as the days passed I started thinking less and less about it all; my insta feed, what to use as captions for my photos, what everyone else was up to etc etc etc… it got to the point where I just didn’t care! My boyfriend turned to me while we were on a walk one evening* and said ‘I’ve never known you to be so calm, what’s happened?’ and we realised it must have been because I wasn’t constantly thinking about my online life.

*I never used to go on walks & now thanks to the forcible nature of my friend Ellie (lol) I’ve been walking on most of my days off work – thanks petal!

So yep. I’m back on social media now and I have to say; I don’t love it as much as I did (which is a good thing). I haven’t bothered downloading Facebook again and I have my notifications turned off for any of my other apps (so I’ll only go on the apps when I want and not when I get pop ups). I still see how much time I waste on social media and need to work on that still, buuuut overall I’m SO glad I did the detox and will 100% be doing it again! If you feel like you spend too much time on social media then I recommend you do the same, even if it’s just for a week, I promise you’ll feel so much better, freer & I can guarantee you’ll care just as little about what people think you’re doing with your time as much as what other people are doing with theirs.

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