My Berlin Travel Guide

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With less than a month between both our birthdays; Tom and I decided to celebrate by spending a few days away together. We love city breaks anyway, and try to travel as much as our bank accounts will allow. So with the Easter Holidays looming and cheap flights found, we headed off to Berlin!

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We flew out Sunday morning and were exploring the city by early afternoon. We decided to walk into the centre from our gorgeous hotel (more on that soon) As we were walking we kept coming across these orange bikes, which we thought would be great fun! The bikes belonged to a company called Mobike and all you had to do was download their app, scan the bike you wanted to use and it would unlock the bike for you. It wasn’t too expensive either, it charges you by the mile instead of a daily rate, and when you’re done using the bike, simply scan it again and leave it where you like. (Which, the majority of the time, was outside a pub for us.)




Anyway, we got on our bikes and cycled through the city while the sun was setting – it was beautiful! (probably even more so because we hadn’t seen the sun yet this year!) Berlin exceeded my expectations to be honest with you – there was a buzzing city centre, as well as a beautiful peaceful woodland that went all through the city which you could cycle or walk through.

One piece of advice I was given, was to make sure we had all the tourist attractions booked well in advance. Clearly, us being us – we didn’t do this and just winged it. Thankfully, we had an amazing concierge in our hotel who sorted everything for us. We even managed to book a slot for the Reichstag building that night at 9.45 which we went to (not exactly sober, might I add) after dinner.


Our dinner the first night was actually the only thing we had booked in advance, at an Asian restaurant called Momotaro Tavern. The food was amazing! So tasty and really reasonable (just a note – it’s vvvv casual there) everything we ordered was bloody beautiful but if you do ever go there, I highly recommend their special sweet potato fries and dip…we MAY have ordered two extra portions…


The second night we went to a steak house called Block House which was recommended to us by one of the taxi drivers. Overall, the food in Berlin was actually very reasonable, I would have expected to pay a lot more in a city – but it was actually really good value for money, and everywhere we ate, whether it was a restaurant or just an ice cream cafe, it was all great quality.


Thinking back; I’m actually surprised how much we were able to fit into two days. Here’s a list of the tourist attractions we managed to fit in:


The Wall

The Jewish Museum

The Holocaust Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie

They were all interesting and really made you think about what Berlin has been through, but by far the most interesting and powerful ‘attraction’ we went to was the Jewish Museum. If you’re only going for a short time there, I would prioritise this place! We decided to get the audio guide for the museum and I learnt so much about the second world war and the affect it had on Jews in Europe. The art exhibitions there were so thought provoking and definitely have left a lasting effect on both Tom & I.


All in all, I would one hundred percent recommend Berlin as a break away for a few days. I wouldn’t say it’s the most romantic of cities for a break away with your other half (but then again I’m used to Paris, so nothing is romantic in comparison ha!) but we had a great time away together, drinking, laughing (& learning believe it or not!)

There’s so much more I could write on the city, but I think I’ve babbled on enough for now. If you have any questions about the city that I haven’t babbled on about, then please get in touch! And if you have any suggestions on where we should go on our next city break, hit me up!

Well, hello there.


It’s Good Friday evening… I’ve done my evening skincare routine, got my pyjamas on and I’m in bed watching La La Land on Netflix – a premature grandma’s bliss. Most people I know are probably on their way out for a night on the town, but not me! (I’m working early tomorrow morning anyway so I couldn’t go out tonight even if I wanted to)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog! One thing I read while I was researching and debating starting a blog was ‘if you’re not feeling it, don’t force it’ and that’s what I did… I was’t feeling it and didn’t want to write about any old shite. HOWEVER, thankfully, I’ve enjoyed an evening of reading my book and relaxing and had the feeling of ‘ooh I want to write a post!’ so here we are!

One of the reasons I’ve not posted anything recently, is I’ve been feeling unmotivated to do anything. (and I mean ANYTHING!) I’ve stopped going to the gym, not been bothered about healthy eating and just haven’t been feeling inspired whatsoever. Weirdly, that’s not to say I haven’t been having a great time. I’ve been eating what I want, drinking what I want and having a lovely time of it. It was my birthday recently and (typical me) I extended the celebrations by a week celebrating with friends and family. Tom and I also went to Berlin and I will most definitely be writing a post on our trip.. that place is amazing!

As great as it’s been eating guilt free McDonald’s on a weekly basis (ok, sometimes more than once a week) & guzzling rosé, I feel like I’m finally in a mindset where I can get myself back on track… yes it’s Easter weekend, and yes I did just finish off a Dairy Milk easter egg to myself. Buuuuut, I’m feeling good about my 24th year on this planet… I’m going to make sure it’ll be a goodun! My plan is to save the £’s and lose the lb’s… not the other way round as I’ve been doing for far too long now!

Anyway, rambling over, I just wanted to say HI! and I promise the blog will be back on track ASAP – I’ve got a few posts lined up, starting with a post about the absolutely gorgeous hotel we got to stay in while in Berlin.

Hope everyone has a looovely Easter! (think of me, stuck in work while you’re drinking bubbly and eating Easter eggs galore!)

Luxury on a budget: Aldi


If you know me at all, you’ll know that I LOVE TO SHOP… especially when it’s a good bargain – so I’ve decided to start a mini ‘series’ of sorts on my blog about products/stuff out there that we can get for super cheap. Champagne style on a beer budget, if you will. Aldi have recently added to their range which is not too dissimilar to a certain luxury brand.

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When life gets a little sh**ty..

When I started this blog I made a promise to myself that I would always be honest in everything I post (even if it makes me cringe all over). Therefore with all the good in my life that I show, I would also show the rubbish bits. Looking back over the past couple of days now, it doesn’t seem so bad and I can focus on all the lovely things that happened (went for dinner with Lois/date night with my boyfriend/saw my little baby cousin & got a big sloppy kiss off him) *womb backflipping.. until he projectile vomited everywhere*

But the rest of it was a just a bit rubbish. Nothing major happened, it’s just y’know when you’re already stressed and then a load of little things happen which make you want to strop on the floor and ugly cry. I won’t go into detail all the little things that pissed me off because, well they’re boring really and just things I’d laugh off had I been in a different mindset, but one of the things was little spat I had with Tom which turned into a full blown shouty/door slamming argument (all done by me and over nothing might I add). As well as that I’d lost my purse and my car was in the garage so I felt a tiny bit like a helpless, angry, crybaby.

HOWEVER.. like I said, looking back now it wasn’t all bad. Tom and I made up in no time, and found my purse in time for my night out with Lois & now have a fully functioning car!

What I’ve learned recently is: it is absolutely ok to have a bit of a meltdown sometimes…especially if you can sit back and reflect after it. It’s all about perspective and how I decide to handle things…and I definitely need to work on how I handle things..

(I mean, I definitely could have not called Tom a dick which would have sorted the issue much quicker, oops!)

But my point is, over the past couple of days I was focusing on all the negatives (no purse, no car etc) when I could have easily just focused on all the good that was going on at the time. After all they were first world problems to have in the first place. So next time (& trust me, there will be a next time) a rubbish couple of days come my way, I’ll hopefully treat them differently and look at the positive.

One thing I know *for sure* about myself is that when something “stressy” happens to me, I need time to myself to adjust, whether that’s 2 minutes to gather my thoughts or a whole day of watching Friends on Netflix & eating chocolate ice cream. But that’s ok, and it’s something I will always make sure to do for myself so I can process things and let them go.

Anyway since having those shitty days (and since writing this) a few maaajorly good things have happened! So one thing I need to remember is: yeah, things might not go my way at times, but that’s absolutely fine, because other times things WILL! So not so much ‘happy days’ but ‘balanced days’!

If you’re having a bit of a stressy time, I hope this helps … the only way is up baby! ha!


Our weekend in Whinfell

“A weekend well spent brings a week of content” …if this is true then my week should be bloody brilliant! It’s Monday morning and I’m sat in bed with a coffee listening to Radio 2 (I’m old before my time, get over it)

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Make up bits I’m loving

Helloooo & a happy saturday to you all!

I wanted to do a post on my top five current make up bits and let you all know why I love ’em so much.

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Happy Valentie’s/Galentine’s Day everyone!!

I reminded Tom a few weeks ago that Valentine’s day was today and he turned to me and said; hang on, I know I’ve booked something for that day. There’s me thinking; the romantic guy he is, had booked something amazing for us.. he came back into the room with his diary, turned to me and said: yep… that’s when the gas man is coming and I’ve got a dentist appointment as well (!!!)

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Hello FAB-ruary!

So we finally made it to the second month of 2018! January seemed to go on for bloody ages! …that being said, I think I was one of the only people that really enjoyed January. I started off the year hangover in Paris with my boyfriend after celebrating NYE there, so I didn’t really hit the ground running with 2018. However, I feel like it was perfect for me having a few days to chill out without any ‘New Year, New Me’ pressure, because as soon as the holiday over, I switched to kick-ass mode and felt fully motivated to set (and stick to) my January goals.

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