New Year Same Me

…and I’m totally ok with that.

I don’t like the saying ‘New Year, New Me’. To assume that someone could just change into the perfect version of themselves at the stroke of midnight, like some sort of real-life Cinderella, is madness.

That being said – I do, however looove January. I always feel so motivated in January to get my sh*t together (hence why I’m back on the blog!)

I always get a new notebook for Christmas (it’s as if my friends know I like making lists or something???) and the first thing I like to do in Jan is write my goals for the year in there – so that’s what I did. After doing that, I looked back on the blog at my goals for 2018. Obviously, there are some that I haven’t yet conquered and I’m guessing will be frequent visitors of my ‘Goals’ list such as: ‘get fit’ or ‘drink more water’ however, there are a few others on my list from last year that I’m pretty chuffed with about tbh. Last year, I certainly read a lot more books than I used to and I’m on my second book this year already. I’m so pleased I reached out to old friends last year as well, who are now new/old friends of mine that I am so happy are in my life again.

This years list looks a little like this:
Like I said, there are some on the list that I feel will always make an appearance, like losing weight…I mean, I am writing this while stuffing my face with sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, so there’s no hope really is there!

It may seem a bit strange to have no. 3 on there – but David Attenborough really got to me last year and I hate the thought of being responsible for adding more plastic to the sea. So Tom and I are going to try to be a little more green around the house. We’re not going to buy any more plastic bags on the food shop or any fruit and veg with plastic packaging. We’re also going to start buying milk in glass bottles from the newsagents down the road. I really want to try and make a difference in the household, so if you have any other suggestions on what I can do, hit me up.

The big focus this year, it to really try my best to save money… I have big plans, and for those – I need dosh! One way I’m going to save money is no. 5. – stop buying sh*t I don’t need! If you know me, you’ll know that my time keeping is dire. Last year I read ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ and after that I was on time to things for a week then I started to slow down again… maybe I should read it again. But, if I’ve ever been late for a coffee with you, just know that I’m working on it I promise!

So no. 7 may come as a shock to some people because I don’t smoke! Howeverrrrr, I am partial to a social cigarette when I’m out having a drink with friends. I know it’ll be difficult (I freaking love a fag with my vino) and if I’m out with you and say I’m going to have one, stop me!

Stopping the social smoking may also be difficult with my next goal, with Paris being renowned for smoking a ciggy or two. I mean, who doesn’t love to pretend they’re Carrie Bradshaw sat outside a Parisian cafe with a cigarette and a glass of red. LOL. My no. 8 is a bit more of a dream than a goal anyway. I’m obsessed with Paris and try to get there every year if I can, however with trying to save money this year, it might not be possible. Still, a girl can dream.

Yes, some of them are the same goals from last year BUT if at first you don’t succeed, eh. And although I’m going to get fitter and spend less, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a banging good year, and if that means a few hangovers in 2019, then so be it! I think it’s good to have goals, but at the same time, it’s important to enjoy yourself. (and if you got this far in the post, thank you!)

Have a sick 2019 friends!

Well, hello there.


It’s Good Friday evening… I’ve done my evening skincare routine, got my pyjamas on and I’m in bed watching La La Land on Netflix – a premature grandma’s bliss. Most people I know are probably on their way out for a night on the town, but not me! (I’m working early tomorrow morning anyway so I couldn’t go out tonight even if I wanted to)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog! One thing I read while I was researching and debating starting a blog was ‘if you’re not feeling it, don’t force it’ and that’s what I did… I was’t feeling it and didn’t want to write about any old shite. HOWEVER, thankfully, I’ve enjoyed an evening of reading my book and relaxing and had the feeling of ‘ooh I want to write a post!’ so here we are!

One of the reasons I’ve not posted anything recently, is I’ve been feeling unmotivated to do anything. (and I mean ANYTHING!) I’ve stopped going to the gym, not been bothered about healthy eating and just haven’t been feeling inspired whatsoever. Weirdly, that’s not to say I haven’t been having a great time. I’ve been eating what I want, drinking what I want and having a lovely time of it. It was my birthday recently and (typical me) I extended the celebrations by a week celebrating with friends and family. Tom and I also went to Berlin and I will most definitely be writing a post on our trip.. that place is amazing!

As great as it’s been eating guilt free McDonald’s on a weekly basis (ok, sometimes more than once a week) & guzzling rosé, I feel like I’m finally in a mindset where I can get myself back on track… yes it’s Easter weekend, and yes I did just finish off a Dairy Milk easter egg to myself. Buuuuut, I’m feeling good about my 24th year on this planet… I’m going to make sure it’ll be a goodun! My plan is to save the £’s and lose the lb’s… not the other way round as I’ve been doing for far too long now!

Anyway, rambling over, I just wanted to say HI! and I promise the blog will be back on track ASAP – I’ve got a few posts lined up, starting with a post about the absolutely gorgeous hotel we got to stay in while in Berlin.

Hope everyone has a looovely Easter! (think of me, stuck in work while you’re drinking bubbly and eating Easter eggs galore!)